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METAL SERVICES is a rapidly growing company in the metal industry specializing in CNC machining.

We offer a wide range of services based on the highest level of quality and technology in a comprehensive range of machining operations (turning, milling, drilling, grinding). We can provide our own material or work on customer-provided material. Our services are based on constructional documentation or samples provided by clients.


We provide:

  • professionalism, based on knowledge and experience, in dealing with clients,
  • fast processing of orders,
  • execution of orders both in range of series or individual production is available, at competitive prices,
  • a complete logistics service is available from the company.

A guarantee of full satisfaction for our customers, when performing the most complex and individual orders, is a priority for us.


Our customers come from the following industries:

  • environmental protection
  • packaging
  • construction
  • automotive


The company has successfully obtained and used EU funds from the European Social Fund for development of entrepreneurship.

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